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Diversity and Inclusion: An Interactive eLearning Solution for diversity awareness and inclusion training, e-learning, elearning, online training, diversity course, workplace training, talent retention, executive coaching, flash based training, SCORM, human resources
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Diversity and Inclusion Offers the following Returns on Investment
Putting your organization's money into an e-learning course may seem more like a frivolous expense than an investment. "Soft skills" training seems to have an invisible and immeasurable ROI. However, it is possible to put a monetary value on "soft skills" training to demonstrate its financial value to your company.

Here are 5 steps to follow to determine the ROI of your training program:

1. Measure the initial reaction to the training

Ask the trainees what they thought of the course. Have them fill out a post-assessment survey to see how much they feel they learned from the program.

2. Analyze the learning

Test the trainees on the material at hand to find out how much of it they actually absorbed. All KnowledgeStart courses provide a test within the program that will send results to the course administrator for review, as well as printable take-aways outlining course material. Poor results on the testing often lead to a poor or disappointing ROI.

3. Analyze the skills gained over the long term

Assess whether on-the-job behavior has changed. Collect data over a long period of time, say a year, and compare it to the same statistics before the course was implemented. KnowledgeStart courses have been proven to reduce turnover, conflict, discrimination claims, and lawsuits.

4. Measure the business impact

Determine how much money has been saved or gained due to the results discovered from Step 3. How much money has been saved in training costs by reducing turnover? How much money has been gained by increasing productivity? You may be surprised at the numbers you see.

5. Analyze the actual ROI

See how the "purchase" of your e-learning program has become an "investment." Subtract the cost of the program from the benefits found in Step 4, and divide the difference by the total cost of the program:

Benefits - Cost
Total Cost

The resulting percentage will determine how many cents on the dollar you have saved directly by investing in your training program.

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Diversity and Inclusion is an easy to use, high-impact Diversity Awareness Training Platform that combines the strengths and skill sets of Workplace Training, Cultural Diversity Training, Gender Equity Training, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Inclusion, Talent Selection Training, Conflict Resolution Training Inclusion and Performance Management Training under one unified Diversity Awareness e-learning platform. Our acclaimed diversity awareness e-learning course is SCORM compliant and can be delivered to your organization through a Learning Management System (LMS) or as a stand-alone solution via the Internet. 

Learn more about our diversity elearning course at diversitye-learning.com or by visiting our corporate website at www.knowledgestart.com.